Native to the Pacific Northwest, the home of tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Adobe Systems, Beyond Brand’s founder, Jennifer Norene has worked in digital marketing and technology solutions for over 20 years. After a series of corporate positions she established a consultancy in 2007 and has been helping clients with digital marketing solutions ever since. She enjoys assisting all sizes of nonprofits and companies grow their business with the right mix of digital strategy and advertising. She has created and managed many types of digital marketing campaigns over the years. Her work includes  graphic design, digital media strategy, paid search, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media management and advertising and more.

Jennifer enjoys helping her clients grow their online presence and meet their revenue goals with a variety of web marketing strategies.

Her mission is to do good work for companies that do good. She enjoys working with companies motivated to do good for their clients, their communities and the world. Whether it is a web site or blog design refresh, conversion to an easier to maintain platform or just a fresh opinion you want, we can help. Our team has years in the traditional, old web and new web environments and will guide you strategically towards a more compelling and revenue successful brand.