Leads are Better with Online Lead Generation

Accounting firms are ripe with opportunity for digital online lead generation. Whether you are wanting to grow a certain part of your business or open a new branch, digital marketing can deliver. Read on as Bryan tells his story of 2021 growth after a web site rebuild, social media management and advertising grew his site traffic and created new customers. 

I had a chance to sit with Bryan Lichau to ask him his impressions on his first year working with Beyond Brand Collective for his digital marketing.
“I am very impressed! 2021 brought us 30% growth over 2020. This was a substantial amount of growth in a very short time.”
When asked about who he is reaching, Bryan noted that he didn’t just get more leads, the leads were better. The clients have turned into the type of clients he wants to add to his roster.

Osprey’s Ideal Clients

“We didn’t just get more clients; we added more small business clients. This is my strongest subject and the category I have hoped to grow. Many of my new clients are people who have just started a new business and are looking to get their tax practices safely established from the get-go. I am most excited about my growth because this empowers me to modify my practice into a consultancy model. This has been a goal of mine for years, and now with some new business clients, I can afford to take the risk into a new category.”


Usually, anytime there is growth, a few patterns emerge; for Bryan, he has found a nice niche with mobile dog groomers. “I never saw that coming…but they are great people with a passion for helping customers, and with the added feature of their mobile clinic, they have created a nice business for themselves.”

Accounting Firm Makes Bank with Beyond Brand Collective’s Online Advertising Approach Click To TweetOver the past year, Bryan cites that 7/10 of his new clients have come from either Google Search or his website and this is a directly result of the redesign of his site by Beyond Brand Collective’s team and the quality of traffic the strong social media presence that BBC has created for his firm. The addition of an eBook download also contributed to Osprey’s success. When web site visitors agreed to download an Ebook, they supplied their name and email address to do so. The email recipients were sent the monthly Osprey blog post and when tax season came. Many of them became new Osprey Accounting Services customers. The conversion rate on this campaign alone was 17%!

Blogging is Key

One of the features Bryan gets consistently good feedback is in his twice-monthly blog. “We try to find timely subjects to give people the information they need. Doing a blog two times a month keeps me in the front of my client’s minds. Plus, tax information is very calendar-based, so there is no end to the good topics to cover.”

Grateful for Wonderful Clients

We are thankful to hear all these great customer testimonies! We are involved with individual, corporate taxes. We also help businesses accelerate their growth through analysis and optimization of broken processes.  If you would like us to help empower your next phase of growth, be sure to give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to show you how to launch or grow you presence online in order to grow you revenue this year. 


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