Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital marketing is any marketing be it your web site, email marketing or social media that draws prospects to your brand, products and services online. Below is a sample list of services my team provides and a typical digital marketing package of services.

  • Social Media Strategy and posting, copy and design
  • Email Marketing, campaign management, copy and design
  • Web Site Redesigns and Brand New Sites, SEO Friendly
  • Search Engine Optimization Consulting/Management: Keyword research, strategy development, online press releases.
  • Digital Marketing Consulting: I have been in web marketing for over 20 years, chances are if you have a challenge with your site or web marketing I can help you. Contact me to let me know how I can help!

Typical Recommendation:
A combined media solution that contains 4 – 6 components: a converting website, a solid social media presence, a drip email marketing campaign and an active online media buys to create leads for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a perfect opportunity to build relationships with potential customers and invite them to contact you to explore details on growing their business with online marketing.  Social media is both visual, educational and integrated in the online communities that customers are already present in. Social media will build your brand and enable you to position yourself as the industry expert that you are. Your prospects and customers are on social. Boomers frequent Facebook, Instagram is a millennial must and LinkedIn is where professionals of all ages frequent. Text and images are no longer enough for these content beasts – consider how you will go live on each and begin to post video on YouTube to share across all of your social channels.

Content  (What the Posting will look like)
A Typical launch campaign would consist of graphical ad posts, links to industry news, invitations to review your company post sale,and more.  Posts will include text, images, video, happy customer testimonial, Motivational Monday inspirational messages and request for reviews. All of these posts are custom designed for your firm and posted 2-3 times a week across the channels we choose together. Typically a launch campaign consists of  4 properties – Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The social media content and email marketing creative and messaging will be integrated and work together to lift response to both. When your web site, social and email are all working together you will see an overall lift in response to all of these means of new customer outreach.

Hashtags are the way audiences organize themselves online. Started on Twitter they have carried over to most social channels. If you wants to reach people searching on your industry buzz terms, we would utilize the relevant hashtags for your social posting strategy. A sample list of real estate industry hashtags is listed below.

#seattlewa #investor #boutiquerealestate #bothell #kellerwilliamsbothell #kellerwilliams #firstimpressionsgroup #lakestevens #marysvillewa #tacomarealestate #millcreekrealestate #windowtreatments #woodinvillewa #woodinville #arlingtonwashington #arlingtonwa #thisiseverett #discoveringeverett #everettwashington #washington #mukilteowa #monroewashington #FamilyHomes #woodinvillerealestate #windowcoverings #pnwlife

Email Marketing

Email Marketing’s effectiveness has not faded despite the addition of social media and web sites that have become more and more sophisticated. Email marketing when done right is a great way to build brand loyalty, educate your customers and court your prospects with information that is useful to them so at serious property show time they are ready to work with you, their trusted property advisor.

What is a drip marketing campaign?
Drip email marketing keeps your name and services in front of your prospective buyers all during their buying cycle and beyond. A drip campaign contains short and long form emails that affiliate your brand with industry buzz and news that is helpful to the prospect. When they are ready to buy, you are top of mind and get the phone call. Drip marketing is an excellent methods for businesses that need to build top of mind awareness in their prospects over time.

The content of the emails would include special ticket offers, links to industry news, information about the local community, real estate values, growth trajectories and event announcements.  

We recommend you supply videos to post to your social media, or have one produced for use on social media as it will greatly increase response. Video has been lifting response on web sites for years and will still do that for your business. A 30 second video that will brand you as an expert and go to for your products and services, and provide a strong call to action to call you or visit your site is the place to start when creating a video based presence for your firm online. Our videos include 3 rounds of changes, a short interview of you and your team, and beautiful PNW or your preferred location photography.

Video Streaming – Go Live on Facebook
We can assist you in going live at an event or training, via Facebook as this will capture much interest and round out your online presence nicely. I can teach you how to go live or go live for you at company events.

Online Media Management/Lead Generation

Part of expanding your brand online is buying advertising space where your prospects frequent. If your prospects frequent Instagram, we establish you on that channel and then buy the audience you are targeting. We design the campaign, launch it, measure it and report to you on the success of the campaign monthly.

Jennifer Norene and her team will manage media buys on your industry portals, Google, Facebook or other relevant outlets, on your behalf. Collaboratively we will set up these and other lead sources and the monthly spend will be monitored and make sense compared to the return on the investment. Monthly meetings will provide opportunities to discover optimization paths to more qualified leads. Ad creation, placement and monitoring are included. The fees for this service are set at  a agreed upon percentage of media spend. 

Making Your Site Work for You
As the media buys are running (social, portals, email) the traffic generated will tell a story in clicks. The clicks will be evaluated, and the site will be changed to increase the rate of conversion to warm lead and sale. The changes will be made by a developer who is paid by the hour and may include visual changes, form optimizations and additional text. The work will be approved by the client, before it is done.

A Word About Your Mission and Messaging

How you speak about and write about your company online and everywhere matters.

Your messaging needs to be relevant and understandable to your targeted audiences. If you don’t have established messaging, Jennifer offers a 1 hour messaging strategy session upon 12 month contract signing. This hour kicks off the effort to get your company’s messaging established and get your employees, partners and friends saying the same thing about your company when they share about you. This service establishes your company elevator speech and much more.

Mission and Messaging services beyond 1 hour are offered at consulting rates. Jennifer offers this to set up your presence online in an impactful way. Clear messaging provides the foundation you need to tell your story effectively online and everywhere.


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