BBQ2U Thriving Despite Diversity

BBQ2U thriving despite diversity

Philanthropy and Your Business
There are many reasons to participate and lead in philanthropic activity in your communities. Growing your business may not be on your list or even something you would think of as a reason to give. But it is. It is time to consider this tactic as a way to be a good human being but also engage new groups of loyal customers. Why does this work?
People Trust People More and Brands Less.
There is a fundamental shift towards purchasing based on shared values. The flip side of this is a population will cancel you when offended by you as well. So how do you care about this trend and take action against it? Organically and formally, Gary Parker at BBQ2U in Gig Harbor, Washington moved towards philanthropy from the launch of his business 4 years ago. He greatly embraced it during the pandemic. We wrote this story in the below eBook. 
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Download and read this ebook about a Beyond Brand Collective client, BBQ2U’s story: “Thriving Despite Diversity: BBQ2U During The Pandemic”

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