About Our Founder, Jennifer Norene

Professional Background

Jennifer Norene has worked in both corporate and self-owned digital agency settings for over 20 years. She began her career in online marketing in 1995 as a content developer for Adobe Illustrator at Adobe Systems in Seattle. Jennifer was a director of eMarketing for a medical device company from 2004 – 2007. And, she was fully responsible for a multi-million dollar media spend and a team of content and technology producers.

All metrics at this company were managed by day, week, month, and quarter – leads, and conversions. Then, the outcomes were calculated every week and rolled up the management structure.  Jennifer’s strategy and efforts created a $40 million revenue stream that consumed 11% of the marketing budget. In addition, 22% of the overall company revenue – in less than two years.


Jennifer has served as the client manager for over 75 clients. Most of these have included the role of designing and delivering results data models and predictive methods to each of her clients. Her agency clients have most recently included a restaurant, CPA firm, and property management company which have all grown substantially. Most by as much as 30% or more, some in less than one year. Her restaurant client enjoys a .005 cost of advertising in an industry that averages 3%. Because of Jennifer and her team’s work, this restaurant’s costs remains low allowing it to endure the pandemic cost of goods crisis. The pandemic has taken many of this restaurant’s competitors out of business. Jennifer drives KPIs, CTRs, open rates, deliverability, impression volume, reach and many other media-specific measurements in her customers’ favor.

Her resume includes consulting with Microsoft Corporation, Children’s Therapy Center, and many start-up organizations. They included AQUENT and IBM solution groups like InfoAdvantage in Brentwood, Tennessee. Jennifer enjoys giving back by teaching Marketing Automation for San Diego State University and other universities via her current employment with ThriveDX. All while maintaining a client list as part of her active digital marketing agency, Beyond Brand Collective. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family and golden doodle, Franklin.

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About our founder Jennifer Norene