Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has unmatched measurability. We will use what we learn to optimize campaigns, to optimize the campaigns until we gain you the results you want.

Digital Marketing is slowly replacing most forms of advertising.
At least from a cost perspective and the ability to scale and measure results. Marketers with brand awareness and sales acquisition goals find digital marketing produces quality leads and helps them close more sales. Ecommerce sites like Amazon are replacing traditional brick and mortar store locations of most major brands. What does this mean for you and your brand? Your need for leads and sales?  Why should you establish and grow your digital marketing plan, presence and efforts? 

Digital marketing is scaleable Your efforts can start small and grow across channels and media types.

Digital marketing can run while you are not lookingDigital marketing has endless methods and testing opportunities. Once you establish your site and make sure it is found on search engines, you can test email marketing, display advertising, geo fenced ads that drive to the conversion zones (addresses) you specify and more. It’s endless the variety of things you can test with digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is most often more affordable then it’s cohorts, print, tv and direct mail.Digital marketing will often lift the results of your other marketing medium campaigns.

For example you can pare an email with a direct mail piece and the overall result is high than one of these campaigns alone. Web sites lift response to TV campaigns and so on.  

Need More Information? Want to ask a few questions? 

If we have still not convinced you to launch your digital marketing presence and run your first campaign, join me on a Facebook hosted Q&A session soon. You can find my Facebook posts at https://www.facebook.com/BeyondBrandCollective