Blogging Services

What is a blog and why does it matter? 

Blogging is a stream of content, produced by someone at your company or a writer you hire about topics that intrigue your audience. The content must intrigue your prospects, new and current customers. Blog posts should be relevant to the pains and concerns of your target audiences. 

One of the main reasons to maintain a company blog is because Google ranks your site based on how dynamic, or ever-changing it is. You can’t set it and forget it with web sites. Web sites need to be an ongoing conversation between you and people in all levels of the sales funnel.Your sales funnel consists of people 4 main groups of people. People that are just becoming aware of your product, those beginning to engage, those taking action and those buying your product or service. You have to write to all of… Share on X For example, those getting ready to take action are ready for offers, those just becoming aware of your company, want to know what your values are. 

Blogging Frequency and Length
Most small businesses will see gains if they blog at least once a month. Weekly is even better. Blog posts can be images with commentary, a video with comments, a 800 word lesson relevant to your industry or a picture of the gang at the company party. 

Beyond Brand Collective will help you plan your topics for the year and teach you how to write your blog. We will also teach you how to use your blog to grow your site’s popularity on search engines. Or, we can manage the whole kit and caboodle for you. When we do this for you, you just sit back and enjoy increased search engine ranking and sales inquiries. It really works. 

Blog posting varies in price based on the topics we write on and the frequency of your blog posting. Inquire to learn more!