About Us

Get to know us! Beyond Brand Collective’s mission is to do good work for companies that do good; for their clients, their communities and for the world. Whether it is a website or blog design refresh, conversion to an easier to maintain platform or just a fresh opinion you want, BBC can help, BBC has years in the traditional, old web and new web environments and will guide you strategically towards a more compelling and revenue successful brand.

Our Staff

Savanna Berrett

Lead Social Admin

Savanna is a Lead Social Admin with Beyond Brand Collective. With corporate and vast social media design, writing and process experience, she is a true asset to our team. She’s a mom and loves being able to work remotely, without missing out on all of life’s big moments.

Sean Lumsden

Copy Writer, Creative Strategist

Sean has been a national award-winning creative strategist and copywriter for close to twenty years. Sean has worked with clients from all across the nation and include grocery stores, jewelry stores, real estate and property management, The Washington Dairy Council, among many others. We are lucky to put his skills to work for our clients.

Angie Clark

Angie Clark

Digital Marketing Specialist

Creative SEO Specialist Angie combines the technicalities of SEO with the art of storytelling to create immersive digital experiences. Through strategic and targeted content, keyword use, and an innovative approach to design, she crafts journeys that engage audiences and evoke emotions, ensuring every click and scroll leads to meaningful discovery.

Jennifer Norene


Jennifer Norene has worked in digital marketing  and technology solutions for over 20 years. After a series of corporate positions she established a consultancy in 2007 and has been helping clients with digital marketing solutions ever since.

You can learn more about Jennifer, here.