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Through the years of digital marketing consulting, agency work and keeping up with the industry, we have formed some favorites based on overall usefulness. But we also love these books because their principles have created success… Click To Tweet

Book – Good to Great

When I lead a team at The SCOOTER Store, I was influenced more by this book then I realized. The bee hive whacker, the incrementalism that is vital to growth and the scrutinizing view of every dollar and hour spent. These were all present at this company and greatly influenced individuals and teams to greatness. The philosophy I learned from this book was incrementalism. Most companies don’t start great, they build themselves to great. Most company projects grow from good to great. This philosophy which is the antithesis of perfectionism will move your thinking forward to progress, not perfection.


Book – Find Your Why

In this easy read, Simon Sinek reminds us to find our why – the purpose that we do what we do every day. Why do you rise every day to conquer the tasks at hand and why does your company or team do the same? He uncovers research that shows that driving yourself and your organization from a place of why, will empower both. 


Product – Logi 1090 Camera

If you are a beginner or experienced video production person, you will enjoy how easy it is to use this camera. It sits atop your monitor an you an point it in the perspective you would like reasonably priced, durable and great video quality. 

Look for more recommendations form our founder, Jennifer Norene in the coming months.

Jennifer and her team’s favorite authors and digital media influencers include Neil Patel (SEO guru), Marketing Sherpa for all types of digital marketing campaign case studies, and Media Post for industry news and information. 

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