Beyond Brand Collective’s Web Site Audit Service

Web Sites are the core of  your online presence. Crafting an amazing social media presence, email marketing campaigns, mobile apps and paid campaigns is important. But if these efforts drive to a web site that is broken or ineffective at obtaining leads and customers or selling your product then you may be wasting those investments. Web Sites need to be Search Engine Optimization (SEO) compliant. They also need to be visually attractive, well organized and drive your visitors where you want them to go. Whether you are selling services, products, promoting a cause your web site needs a clearly thought out strategy and execution. So, how do you figure out a plan to improve your web site? 

Web Site Audit

We offer a Web Site Audit Service to review all of these crucial aspects of successful sites. Here is what we inspect and report on when your hire us to conduct a web site audit on your site or sites:

  • Presence of an SEO strategy
  • Presence of at least 3 working conversion funnels (paths your visitors take to become customers)
  • Content value, organization and scalability
  • Usability and function
  • ADA Compliance
  • Proper registration with major search engines

If you choose to purchase a web site audit service, Beyond Brand Collective will deliver a report that shows the key opportunities to improve your site. We prioritize the work and make recommendations on what to do next to get your site in tip top converting shape. 

To get started, simple click the button below to pay the $250 fee. Once your payment is complete you will be directed to a page to schedule a 15 minute call for us to discuss next steps. We hope to work with you soon to grow your business!