Do you need to up your game on video? Video is the most common content type consumed on the web these days. Beyond Brand Collective’s Live Broadcasting is an enjoyable means of reaching your audience with your story. Our live broadcasts can be a simple interview or a detailed discussion of a topic relevant to your industry. You can have up to 6 people on a broadcast and choose to broadcast to Facebook only, YouTube and even custom domains.

Don’t be nervous, we do a pre call with you to make sure you are all ready for your interview or discussion – and it is very simple to join the broadcast. Fill out the contact us form or call us to learn more

Live Broadcasting

Join Beyond Brand Collective for weekly live broadcasts. Videos are hands down the best content for engaging your customers online. Live broadcasts get up to 8x more engagement consistently. Live broadcasts are easy to join, (you just click a link) only take a half hour, and are a “no contact” safe way to increase your effectiveness on social media. We can broadcast to Facebook and YouTube simultaneously. Ready to go? Let us know. We will get you scheduled.

Sample of Live Broadcasts