Facebook continues to be at the top of the social media platforms with its 2.9 billion active users. Instagram has almost 1.4 billion and LinkedIn with 690 million.

How will you utilize this fact with your digital marketing strategies?

Here are 12 social media tips you should be using.

1. Spell Check & 2. Grammar Check

If you aren’t already using a spellchecker or Grammarly, you may be making lots of errors in your social media posts. Be sure to add the extensions to your browsers which will help you avoid mistakes. It also doesn’t hurt to have another set of eyes review your posts before hitting that button.

3. Use the right hashtags

Surely everyone knows what hashtags are these days, and some people have a lot of fun with them. But it’s also important to use relevant hashtags. They should reflect what the content is trying to convey in one-to-two-word snippets. Your potential new customers may be looking for you and a hashtag may help them get to you. #usethosehashtags

4. Make it sparkle or go home

We’re not talking Bella or Edward sparkle; we mean making your content shine. Make it catch your customer’s eye. They’ll be scrolling through their feed and need that extra little sparkle to make them stop in their tracks. The use of color, images, moving emojis will be sure to catch their attention.

5. Be unique

What’s unique about your brand? What do you offer that your competitors don’t? Do you offer a bedazzled or monogrammed bandana with that puppy shampoo? Let your customers know!

6. Provide useful content

When your customer comes to your website, they are looking to fulfill a need. They are asking a question. They are looking for something to solve their problem. Provide them with useful information that lets them know, “Hey! We have your answer!” Make them want to seek out more information from your website and be sure to link to it.

7. Be interesting

Semrush has some great tips for engaging content. And suggests that constant innovation is necessary to create ideas that bring in new customers. Provide FAQs, Use Surveys, have a contest.

8. Be relevant

Things move quickly. What was popular last week is already old news this week, especially with millennials and Gen Zs. See what’s trending on TikTok or Twitter. Keep up with the latest information in whatever technology or type of business you are in. Subscribe to eNewletters, feeds, or blogs that are relevant to your industry. Share that information with your followers.

9. Imitate excellence

We all have favorites, and they’re favorites for a reason. They’ve mastered their talents and know-how to attract the right audience for their particular niche. You can too. If it works, imitate it!

10. Don’t yell

YOU PROBABLY KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS. All caps in the online world is yelling. Don’t all capitalize unless it’s relevant to the or part of a brand identity.

11. Be Opinionated

Everyone has an opinion- yours may be highly informed and interesting. Opinions can be interesting, though. Especially if it’s different or contains new ideas. Feel free to share an opinion about the topic you are fully educated in especially as it relates to your business and shows that you have expertise.


(Yes, I’m loudly telling you to have some fun!)

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