If you are like most bustling e-commerce sites, you are always looking for fresh holiday offers to entice your customers. The holidays provide a great opportunity to promote a new product or discount your customer’s favorite product. Here’s a simple list of holiday offer to test with your audience.

Remember to test text, imagery, the actual offer and other media elements. A/B test tag lines, subject lines, button placements and use the winners to gain the best traffic to lead and lead to sale conversion rates. I hope you find a few you have never tried before! Happy Holidays!

  1. Coupons – Be sure to test the percentage off amount, list the offer limitations and expiration dates!
  2. Discounted offers –  discounts of 10 or 20%, half off specials
  3. Volume discount offers – “Buy three get 30% off!”
  4. Buy one get one free offers- go BOGO crazy!
  5. Refer a friend,(to the site, to the product) gain a 20% discount
  6. “Feature us on your blog and get product for free” Bloggers will post your offer for free or for a fee, sometimes they will take a free sample as payment.
  7. Reward first time buyers with “January” coupons
  8. Free shipping  – is still a highly desired shopping feature, but be careful to count the cost of this offer.
  9. Free shipping on select items
  10. “Women’s gifts day” offer that links to the women’s gifts area of your site
  11. “Men’s gifts day” offer that links to the men’s gifts area of your site
  12. “Shop for Kids” day on your site
  13. Offer a free trial of your product or service
  14. Free gift wrapping
  15. Review a product, receive special sale access
  16. Create a “romantic gifts” section on your site
  17.  Add a page to your site that lists ideas for the “hard to buy for” and promote it with banners, email marketing and a blog post
  18. “One day only” sales
  19. Final days of shopping, “blow out” sales
  20. Discounted discontinued items sale
  21. Offer bundled packages of your best selling items at a special price
  22. Offer priority access to special parts of your site, to customers who purchase certain items
  23. 12 days of Christmas email offers – one email offer a day, for the last 12 shopping days!
  24. Buy one get 2nd item for $1.99
  25. Free Milk and Cookies package with purchase

These are just a short list of the many possibilities – be as creative as you can offering your loyal customers a reason to become even more loyal to your brand and products.  Consider posting a new special offer daily from now until December 24th to motivate your visitors to return daily! Have fun with it and enjoy the new visitors, clicks and sales!

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