The challenge of applying corporate digital strategy in a small business environment is typically time and money. There are no dedicated staff to write a blog or white paper, even if those things are highly crucial and valuable to the most basic online presence. Below are some solutions to this challenge to try. A web site without dynamic content is like being a font size 8 on the last page of the phone book. Not very effective. Hopefully these ideas will help:

Basic Local PR

It takes a short time and effort to report a new employee hire, a new product announcement or a new client to the local press. Ask for a copy of the press release and use it on your web site. Add keywords and a call to action at the bottom like “Contact us for a demo or our new product Widget Fantastic at 222-444-3333.” You get the picture.

White Papers from the Top

Your technology or idea leader is sitting on a white paper. There is a solution to an industry problem, product or client brag or something hiding out in that super brain of theirs. A white paper can be 3 sides with 3 compelling images and contact information. It can be a client testimonial with a story and technology details, a new product announcement presented as a business solution or a dissertation on the latest industry trend. This smart person at the top can write this in a few hours and hand it over for editing. White papers can be posted on the site and converted to a PDF as a reward for email address sign ups on a site .

Blog Posts Made Simple

Remember in fifth grade when we all learned how to structure a story? Title, Intro, Body, Conclusion? Plan these out for your blog post and it’s half written. Write to a fifth grade audience, keep it friendly and simple. (In general, this is your typical audience online, if you know your audience is technical, geek away!) Casual and accurate is the style of blogs – it is meant to be a more casual form of communication. Do not wait until perfect to post. Resist the urge to make blog posting an afternoon of effort. It should take an hour – half hour to draft and half hour to finish up.

Re-purpose Other Marketing Materials

Most small businesses have invested in a brochure which has carefully selected text and imagery. This can be your first blog post – re-purpose this content for your blog – pictures and testimonials are eye catchers and will establish trust from your readers.


People don’t always trust your brand, they grow to trust you and your client’s successes. Don’t fail to publish the most important words you can, the praises of your top customers. If you don’t have their stories now, ask for them and publish them as a blog post. Include a shore video interview or image if you can. For some great sample ways to present testimonials on your site, see Hubspot’s article on the ones you will “want to copy!”
Enjoy the adventure of blogging, ping me if you need help. Remember to keep your posts simple, interesting and educational to the audience you are writing to and you are sure to achieve blogger success!

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