Holiday email marketing is a great solution to decreased return on marketing dollars due to the slumping economy. This holiday is a perfect time to give email marketing a test drive. You can add email now to your holiday promotional planning and reap the benefits  way into the new year with new email subscriptions, increased revenue and a completed test of an additional revenue stream. Increase your return on traditional efforts by 10% and 20% by adding email to the mix and landing pages to close the business online. This new means of generating sales takes strategy and planning but can be launched  in a relatively short amount of time. Here are some of the steps to get your started:

  • Decide if you will hire an agency or keep the work in house.
  • Brainstorm how your direct mail, direct TV and other direct response efforts can be repurposed for email. If you chose to keep the effort in house, do some research first on sites like and to read case studies of successful email campaigns.
  • Assess the size of your current customer list and what lists you might want to purchase especially for the holiday. Can you assume at least a 1% sale rate on that list? Don’t you want that revenue in December? If you don’t want to buy a list brainstorm ideas to grow your list organically by incentivizing sign ups online or within your current advertising efforts.
  • Create new designs and promos or leverage existing of the same of your hottest products and services.
  • Decide what “success” is for this first holiday email marketing test and review the reports carefully to see if you have met your goals. Email marketing is measured in delivered emails, opens, clicks and sales.
Looking for great email marketing samples? Sign up at shopping and creative sites like Pier OneEtsyMacy’s and Disney   Sign up for your competitor’s newsletters as well and think of ways you can improve them for your audience. Your email box will fill with the work of great design and copy writers with ideas that will get your own list of ideas flowing.
Anyone have a unique spin on holiday email marketing to share? The best creative processes are collaborative you know.
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