We get asked a lot of questions from our clients. In this post we share the answers to some of the most common questions we hear. 

  1. Is Social Media important to both business to business and business to consumer efforts? What about Non-Profits?
    Yes. Because over a billion people are on social media and your audience is included. Social media requires a strategy based on the audience you are targeting, a decent sized content database and consistent attention. Approaches will differ based on targeting businesses, consumers or potential donors but all of them can be targeted nicely on Social Media.
  2. What about email marketing? Hasn’t that been replaced with Social Media?
    Despite social media’s growth and email marketing’s spam risk, it remains one of the most effective means of branding, communicating and generating leads for your company. There are big differences between growing a list organically and purchasing lists – in cost, tracking and approach. Done right, email marketing can yield high quality leads and customers that convert to sale.
  3. Are Facebook ads worth it?
    Facebook is under the gun for their prices presently, but it remains the most targeted means to capture your audience’s attention. You can start small on Facebook and build your spend toward audiences that respond to your ad. Start with a simple ad to a small targeted audience and grow from there. You won’t believe what you will learn!
  4. Why is YouTube and video so important?
    Because video remains effective at gaining the eyes of web audiences. Want to raise your open rate by 19%? Include the word “video” in your subject line. Getting started with video requires a place to host your video, YouTube, Vimeo to name a couple, a basic studio set up and some stories to tell.
  5. My company just put up a new site – what do I do next?
    Invite people to the party. Use social media, online PR vehicles like PR Web and others to get the word out about your new site. After a week, check the traffic and note where people are dropping off the site, what page are most popular – and then respond to that information with changes to your site.

Have a question you are dying to ask? Write us or reply in the comments and we will do our best to address your question in our next newsletter!


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