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Facebook advertising is a powerful means of hyper targeting your business advertising. It can be very effective for small businesses with limited ad budget. Unfortunately, it can be very complicated and time consuming to set up and work with on an ongoing basis. Facebook is a huge start up in many ways. Their policies, interface and procedures are constantly changing. 

Beyond Brand Collective Can Help
That is where we come in. We configure your Facebook Business account, set up your ads with custom copy, graphics and imagery, run the ad and report results! We do our best to keep you in compliance with Facebook, and when issues arise that are out of our control, we contact you. Since Facebook owns Instagram, you can also choose to run the same ads as we design for Facebook, on Instagram. We report on both.

B2C and B2B
Both Business to Consumer and Business to Business clients can succeed with Facebook advertising. Every client is different, and your strategy and marketing mix will vary based on your marketing goals. Some clients want brand awareness only – a sharpened online brand. Some clients need leads. Social media posting and advertising can work for both but budgets and effort levels vary based on testing and what works for your company.

Learning Your Business
Sometimes we can only learn that by trying different approaches on your behalf. We are happy to do this and get results for many clients after testing a variety of online marketing methods, Facebook advertising included! 

About Photography
It is best if we have access to both stock photography and organic photography for ads. Research shows organic are most successful at gaining engagement and ad response! So take fun office photos – of the new client, of your employees, or the celebrations. This type of imagery succeeds because it is you in your real life – as a real person. This builds trust with your audience.

Your Facebook Advertising Budget
Facebook Credit Card Charges
Your budget for Facebook advertising is split 2 ways. What you pay us for the management services, and what you pay Facebook to cover the advertising. Facebook delivers impressions, or views of your ads to a combination of their predetermined and your selected audience.  The Facebook ad fee requires that we set up your credit card with Facebook and you will see ad charges monthly. We decide together what your Facebook budget needs to be to reach your results. We never bill your credit card without your permission and you knowing what the budget is we are working towards. 

Our management fee is billed monthly with your regular invoice. We recommend you test Facebook ads for at least 6 months to see what will be successful for you. It takes time to optimize the ads to the approach that works best for your business.

Here’s wishing you success in your Facebook Advertising! Let us know what questions you have on this type of outreach to your potential clients. 

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