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How Do You Track Results?
So what do you need to know about digital marketing metrics to successfully track the results of your spend?

There are many things to consider but only a few that are most crucial We explain in this post. 

Types of Metrics
Each type of marketing, traditional print, TV, digital marketing have specific measurement tactics. This article covers how to measure your digital marketing campaigns: your web site, email marketing and social media campaigns. Here is a sample list of the types of metrics to measure for each digital marketing campaign type. If you manage your campaigns, you will find these numbers in the mentioned platforms. If your agency runs campaigns for you these are the types of numbers to inquire of them about. They determine the success of your campaigns and you should receive reports containing them on a regular schedule. 

Web Site Stats to Know:
Traffic, Bounce Rate, Sessions, New Users, User Volume, Phone Calls, Contact Us form completes and product sales are a focus, but not all you want to track on a web site. You will also want to set up content tracking in Google Analytics so you know what content is performing. If you run an ecommerce site of course there is a whole set of numbers to track relevant to your product sales like cart visitors, cart abandonment rate, product sales and repeat sales. That’s another blog post. You will find these listed stats in your Google Analytics account under Acquisition.  Next up, social media!

Social Media Ads Stats to Know:
Impressions,(the number of times your ads are shown to the consumer), reach (the number of times consumers see the ad), clicks, landing page visits, contact us for completions, phone calls or product sales. Conversion Rate, Engagement Rate are a place to start. You will find these stats in Facebook Ads Manager. Be sure to select the date range you are interested in first. Conversion from impression to click is a key metric to follow. This tells you if your ad is being responded to. It is important to configure what events or actions on your site you want to measure relevant to social media traffic visitors on your site. How many people found our site from the Facebook ad? How many of them became customers? This is tracking set up in the Facebook Events manager tab. See Facebook Blueprint training for help with the Events Manager. 

Social Media Stats to Know:
Impressions, comments, shares, likes, followers, phone calls, contact us form completes are key, but they are not the only things to measure. Did you know followers are a much bigger influence on success then likes now? Ask your likers to follow you! These statistics s are found in Facebook and Instagram insights. Go to your Facebook business page and click insights. For Instagram, visit your Profile and Click Insights. The insights for Instagram, are only available on the mobile version of he application. 

The social media and web site metrics change often, however, they can be of great help in tracking your results. There are tools that will roll up your results for you and they are worth investigating.

In closing, Happy Metrics to You! If you need help solving the puzzle of digital analytics, this is what we do. We can help you track the results of your campaigns and provide reporting and analysis help. Reach out today



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