Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO, or Search Engine Optimization includes several different factors. Most website owners and digital marketers know what SEO is so we won’t cover that today (but you can learn more here). We will be talking about link building; creating links and backlinks and how that can be accomplished through social networking, social bookmarking and inviting guest authors to create content for your website’s blog while creating links to and from their website. Why is this important? We will tell you!

What is a link and what is a backlink?

I’m sure you have seen text that stands out on a website either in bold or a different color. It tells you to “click me” for more and relevant information. It is very important to SEO to only have links that are relevant. This tells the crawlers on the search engines that you have authority on the relevant subject matter, which helps you rank better on search engines and improve traffic from organic searches. A backlink is when another source links to you! Sometimes this is pure luck, but it can also be that others have found your content relevant and want to share your information. This also helps your SEO and shows great authority and improves your standings.

Broken link building

Broken link building is another link-building strategy to increase traffic to your website. There are existing broken links, also called dead links or broken hyperlinks in the internet world where the link is no longer directing people to a valid location. You can find relevant broken links that pertain to your business and arrange to have them redirected to your relevant content. It’s another effective manner in which to increase organic traffic and referral traffic.

Social Networking

So how do we get people to link to us? That’s where social networking and social bookmarking come in. While Facebook is one of the most well-known social networks there are many other popular and up-and-coming platforms where you can improve your social networking. Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, & TikTok to name just a few. Basically, it’s using social networks to connect to others. While many use it for social purposes it also is a successful way for businesses to get their brand noticed.

Like! Comment! Share!

By joining groups, using hashtags, likes, comments, shares and tagging you can increase your presence and let people find out more about you and your business.
In addition, having a guest writer on your website’s blog which links to their business and in turn they link back to yours is a great way to create link building which in turn will improve your SEO and theirs as well!

At Beyond Brand Collective, link building, social networking and overall improving SEO is our bread and butter! Let us do the work while you spend the time doing what you love to do in building your business. Contact us here.


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