The heat around CAN SPAM laws has lessened over the years, but it is still important to remember a few things when emailing your contacts. Spam is still not legal, and it is good to be polite when contacting your email list.

Here are 5 ways to urgently and politely send emails to your contacts.

1) Include your physical address. It’s the law and it creates credibility for your brand.
2) Include an easy to see, 1 click way for people to unsubscribe. See this as an opportunity – it is good to clean up your list of people that really don’t want to hear from you anymore. That means your list conversion and other rates like clicks and opens will improve. You must remove the unsubcribes within 14 days.
3) Include an explanation of how this person receiving the email got on your list. Here is some sample text if you need it:
“You are receiving this email because you signed up to hear from John Smith Consulting, ABC Accounting, or John Smith personally”.
4) Limit the number of links in the email to 2-3 max and the images to 1-2. Optimize your images for the web – 400 pixels x 600 pixels works well. Microsoft Paint or similar programs are free and easy to use.
5) Is your email being rejected by major servers like Google, Hotmail or others? PM us, we can help.

To read the law, visit the CAN SPAM web site.

Questions? Leave them in the comments.

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