Don’t get me wrong. I love Social Media and all of the opportunities it brings me and other business development professionals every day. But. The proverbial “but”.

With all the hype and chatter about social media, tweets, posts, retweets, generating traffic – is it still important to follow good solid, tested sales process regimen? Many say that the above list is a replacement for all client calling, traditional marketing like printed letters with a real signature; and even direct mail. I disagree – and here is why.

We have found and know colleagues would agree, that good old fashion disciplines of creating a sales plan and executing it, making a certain number of prospect touches per week, qualifying the sale, finding the decision maker – are still,  all necessary aspects of good sales process.

The beauty of these regimens is that no matter what the weather, economy or your best friend’s mood that day, you can work your plan and grow your pipeline every day. In other words, call resistance is still real and working a plan will help you overcome it every day.

Consider adding these to your daily regimen:

  1. Qualify and add one new person to your sales funnel, every day. No matter what.
  2. Post to your social media channels, every day. (something useful and non -salesy)
  3. Make a fixed number of calls to your warm list, every day.
  4. Thank your online network every month. (I do this by singing their praises in a post on LinkedIn)
  5. Ask your network every month, what they need from you.

You get the idea. The old adage “Plan your work and work your plan” is still relevant amidst all the social noise. What’s your plan for this week?


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