Updated February 2023.

We are always inspired and happy to share with you the changes happening in the digital world.  And we love to help you keep up with what you might be missing! Asking the questions is key, not knowing is the norm in this industry. Always something new to learn.

The times they are a changing. Rapid adaptation from TV and traditional advertising is a given, ship has sailed, it’s now a train. Words like programmatic, intent marketing, geo-fencing, geo-targeting and mobile responsive are the new marketing terms of endearment and results. Just like your favorite restaurant, to stay competitive they have to change up the menu occasionally, to keep you interested and coming back. If they don’t change, they fade into nothing or at least, don’t grow much. What is the price of not changing for your company? Is your menu serving the right ads in the best manner to your prospects and customers online? How do you know?

Programmatic display (a fancy way of saying, your display ad is placed based on response and the interests and intent of your target market) has taken the digital media world by storm. The ads are intent based instead of demographics based. If you are targeting home owning boomers in New York zip codes, you are way behind. You can now target the New Yorkers who share the interests, play the apps and visit shopping locations that your buyers frequent. 82% of display is now programmatic. (eMarketer 2017) Pro - gra - mmatic.... Practically automatic, fast and furiously targeted... Click To Tweet

With TikTok on the rise YouTube is sharpening it’s game by offering short form video and of course the opportunity to SEO optimize your videos. TikTok grows in popularity but so does the controversy around it’s privacy practices. 

->Email marketing remains a top method for killing your competition on lead gen, purchases and revenue growth. And you still think it’s old school. It’s not.

->Search has a run for its money with the growing display market – and many no longer depend only on Google to fish them leads. (I for one and thankful for that.)

->The local search monster requires long, authentic articles relevant to your industry and the likes of your site visitors – your listings must be up to date, and you must be listing on the local map to compete. And on and on and on.

Content marketing is no longer random Facebook posts, text and imagery but Facebook Live, video, blogs, e-mags, reviews, and on and on. It is clearly no longer the new and sexy in town. It’s a monster demanding to be fed, even daily, depending on your industry and goals. What’s a marketer to do? How do you choose and prioritize? And more questions…

What are you losing by not knowing? What is your lack of change costing you? If you need help shifting your dollars around or the nudge to stop doing what is not working. Let’s answer them together. What have you figured out lately? Leave a comment, or two.