Many of you after just one hour of brainstorming can move your business forward towards growth using digital marketing. Some things take time only, some money and time. I can help you take the next step.

I have 27 years creating technology and marketing solutions for my employers and clients. I have worked as a director of online marketing and also owned 2 digital agencies. Digital Marketing can be a rough landscape for the newbie and I am here to help you navigate the waters of strategy development, campaign launch, management, vendor management or whatever you are needing help with. And my experience spans web site optimization, online lead generation, design, email marketing, SEO, content development and more. I love start ups and can also work well with larger firms.

Good News!
I have added the ability to schedule 50 minute blocks of time with me. No more chasing each other down via email and voicemail. I promise you will leave the session with an actionable tip to grow your business. Ready, set, schedule!