While many things change in marketing, one thing never changes: Consumers purchase from people, companies, or brands towards whom they feel an affinity.

For small businesses, this should be the best news you’ve heard this year! Your story, your challenges, your passions should be the driving force behind your brand.

You may lie awake at night pondering what you are ‘not,’ but the great news is when you articulate who you ‘are,’ you can make inroads with your customers that will become unshakable.

And this is where Beyond Brand Collective comes in…

We are marketing veterans who have learned the power of harnessing stories. We’ve tried all the big-budget media blitzes and have come back to the simple premise: consumers chose stories over empty-promises. And people hear those stories through social media in a very cost-efficient way.

Stories release oxytocin…the happy hormone. Stories make business relatable. And most importantly, stories about community connection and service make you trustworthy.

All without ever having to say: ‘trust me.’

Please take a look at our website and drop us an email. We’d love to hear your story and find out how we can help you expand your client base just by telling your story.